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Managing a Hotel property system is not Child’s play.

It constitutes different levels of work which requires organised approach.

However, with technology hotel management can be really easy.

But the quest of finding the right hotel software can be seriously daunting, if you do not know much about the features of hotel management software.

Before you go on in your quest of procuring a hotel management solution, it is better if you understand the features that will help you in the course of action.

  • Cloud Computing (Web Based)

When you go looking for features in hotel management software you need to look at this particular feature, Cloud computing (web-based/SaaS).

This featured doesn’t require any kind of additional hardware. The cloud based system operates entirely through computer.

You can also use your tablet or smartphone. It provides you access to data and information from anywhere you like with a strong internet connection.

You can also set up privacy settings as you choose which will restrict certain data from certain employees.

  • Guest Management

Hotels are about guests. Guests experience management is an essential part for all hotel management software.

This component of hotel management solution means to enhance your guest’s experience at your hotel.

It offers you a guest profile tool to track guest information, including preferences, and specific desires and requests they have made on the booking.

For example, if management knows about a guest’s allergy from any specific item, they can avoid offering or taking near the guest.

The guest information is always handy to the management. You get to know your guest’s history which enables you to keep track of your returning guest and acknowledge them with rewards like discounts.

  • Housekeeping/Maintenance Management

One of the most striking features of hotel software is housekeeping/maintenance management feature.

This allows you to track the rooms which require cleaning or preparation before the arrival of the guest. It also provides you with the information of number of rooms cleaned in a day by housekeeping staff.

Sometimes due to rush or due to lack of prior knowledge the housekeeping staffs do not get too much time to clean the room properly which leads to complains from guests.

Having housekeeping/maintenance feature on your hotel management software makes it easy for you to maintain a high quality of hygiene.

  • OTA Integration

OTA (Online Travel Agency) integration is another top of the list feature you must have in hotel management software .

Integration with third-party platform is integral, it not only gives you a larger audience with an organised booking platform, but also restricts double booking chance.

  • Payment Processing

Payment processing is ultimate feature allowing you to facilitate your check out process and give you authority over your revenue.

This features varies across different hotel software, with some you can accept international currencies, which is obviously a great feature for international hotels.

It also comes with additional security to prevent any kind of theft or data breach of customer’s information.

Hotels data are most vulnerable now. Hence requires great security measures to keep hackers away from robbing information of guests.


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