What 4 Things of Your Hotel’s Property Management System should be doing?

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Almost all the time you are at your busiest while managing your hotel property.

In the peak season of the hotel business you tend to realise that manual handling of your hotel is a lot more tedious with too many guests and you are unable to hold on or get extra business from all your efforts.

Rather than settling for old continuing system that doesn’t works for you,

check out these four things for efficiency of hotel Property management system.

  1. Improved Connectivity with Online Travel Agents (OTAs)

There is a time in the year when people have their vacations which means a lot of last time bookings for the occasional travelers in the holiday season.

Most of the travelers who are connected to internet will look for OTAs to find the best possible deal for their vacations.

But, you need to ensure that you are listed on all OTA websites to exploit the business.

Connecting with the OTAs is half the battle but making sure that your PMS (Property Management System) offers real time connectivity is essential to reap the fruits from OTA listing.

In case if your PMS lacks real time connectivity, you could experience complications or double bookings which will cause loss of revenues and reputation equally.

Hotelline solutions offers direct and two way connectivity which makes sure that when a room is booked on OTA website is removed from others, including the hotel website, in real time.

This way you will make sure that no overbooking takes place.

   2. Direct Sales, Free from Commission

To ensure higher revenue from booking and online reservation you must have a booking engine on your website.

At the time of vacations when travelers call or e mail the front desk for rates and availability are now a pass.

It is time for online booking and reservation where a prospective guest if cannot easily book a room online, they will simply look for another hotel for the same.

Hotelline understands the value of guests in an advance and smart consumer demands and hence offers booking engine for independent hoteliers which can be easily integrated into your hotel website.

The booking engine allows the travelers/guests to book their room commission free directly with your PMS.

  3. Management of Operations

There are a number of activities taking place at your property every day. It is important to know that your hotel operations are all kept in one and organized place.

A hotel PMS should be capable enough to allow the team members to easily manage important tasks like check-in and check-out, room assignments, guest requests, housekeeping status, maintenance, group reservation and payment processing through credit/debit cards.

If you are still finding yourself into chaos and not getting the right management and organisation of task with your hotel management system, then it is time to change.

 4. Report and Key Performance Data

When the busy season begins for the hotel business, independent hoteliers must know their business if they want to achieve long-term success.

A competitive and comprehensive hotel PMS should provide the operators with a hotel revenue management system which generates performance data and report which shows the real-time performance of each and every aspect of hotel business.

Metrics such as ADR, Occupancy and other data should be easy to access via hotel PMS.

Hotelline solution PMS provide 100% customizable reporting so you can keep track of activities of your business, no matter the place or time.


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