Changing the Way Your Hotel Works with Cloud Technology

Hospitality Trends

Technology is changing and it is changing the way hotels were run previously.

To keep up with the pace of changing market hotels are adapting the latest technology to remain and profit from their business.

From on-site installations to cloud computing, hotel industry has revolutionized itself to provide better services to its guests.

It is acknowledged that offering a faster, secure, and cost effective alternative to on-site installation, cloud technology will forever change the economics of hospitality industry.

One of the most ignored advantages of cloud-based hotel management software is that how faster and less expensive it is to scale multiple features.

The cloud based software is based on subscription pricing and there are no additional costs to incur to existing users.

The Benefits of Cloud Technology:-

  • Cost:-

Cloud computing is cost effective proposition if compared with the on-site installations. Studies reflect upon the cost benefits of cloud technology to the users.

The Frost & Sullivan study shows that organisations can reduce their IT costs to half when they select cloud computing as their alternative.

A lot of hospitality organisations have already shifted to cloud based software and a number of hotels are in the process of shifting to cloud-based solution.

The cloud based software allows you to get things done a lot quicker and faster which means organisations can speed up time to value.

  • Efficiency:-

The cloud based PMS allows you to speed up hotel process. It reduces the risk of repetitive duties like night audits, housekeeping assignments, reservations which could be automated with cloud technology.

It is less likely to make errors which could bring bad name to your hotel business.

With cloud computing, hotels can ensure a better life to their existing system with innovations and create competitive advantage.

  • Distribution Channels:-

It is important for hotels to have a better distribution channel to exploit the online platforms available to them.

Today, a hotel that doesn’t have a strong online presence is missing out on many benefits.

With cloud based hotel software you can integrate your property to a channel manager, showing inventory across multiple OTAs.

Moreover, since OTAs are integrated with your website through cloud based software, it updates the bookings in real time which limits the risk of double booking.

  • Management Simplified:-

What could be more comfortable doing a business than having a streamlined and organized work system?

The cloud based software for hotels allow you to save time. You do not have to worry about updation of room inventory across different online platforms including OTAs.

The integrated system modifies everything automatically across all different channels as soon as bookings and reservations are done online.

  • Data & Reporting:-

For a hotel business to work smoothly you must have all data and information organised and at one place.

Collecting, recording data from each and every department can be a time taking job.

However, the cloud technology helps your to have everything – data and information, at one place which is accessible to you whenever needed.


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