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There is a rapid change in technology and adapting to latest technology is essential for the hotel business.

Since more than half of the reservations and bookings in hotels take place through online medium it becomes highly important for hoteliers to keep their websites and other booking platforms not only updated but also ensure safety of its consumer data and information.

After window based property management system that changed the way hotel businesses worked, there is a new system which will ensure a lot of security to hoteliers.

With the entry of cloud based property management system hoteliers can be sure of gaining multiple benefits than any property having only an online booking and reservation system.

  • Security:

Security of data and information of customers are a prime concern for hotel industry.

Window based PMSs had risk of losing data in case of any damage to the hardware or software.

However, with cloud based PMS the risk is not only minimized but made fully secured.

The cloud based software keep important hotel files, records and data stored on cloud ensuring the software users away from the risk of hacking or stealing of data.

The cloud based PMS system back up all the information automatically that reduces management efforts.

  • Easily Accessible:

When we talk about benefits of using cloud based hotel property management the accessibility features is most important which makes it easy for the managers to access required filed without any delay.

It allows you to browse important files easily, you can access to check housekeeping status and reservation chart from outside the property, from any remote location.

Cloud PMS uses internet to save and store information which can be accessed easily by authorized personals of hotel management/staff from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • Flexibility:

It is important to have room for changes to suit the individual hotel needs.

The cloud PMS is designed accordingly to suit the basic and exclusive requirements of hotel businesses, accommodating new features and updates.

It hands the customization options that allows you to customize the interface as per your need and requirement of your specific hotel business.

  • User-Friendly:

Cloud property management software is easy to use. It doesn’t ask you to be highly skilled in technical field to understand it.

Since cloud technology is run basic internet connection and hence doesn’t require disk maintenance or too many installation steps.

It allows the users of the cloud bases PMS to troubleshoot on spot.

  • Inexpensive:

The most important feature of cloud property management software is that it is inexpensive.

Unlike onsite PMS which incurs a large amount on setup and requires regular maintenance to the server is huge for small size hotels.

Cloud PMS not only minimizes the labor cost and hardware investment but also offers better security which makes it more beneficial.

The cloud property management software is an answer to nearly all the existing problems that hotels face on day to day basis during their operations in a complex and competitive hospitality industry.


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